Cement, Concrete and Building Materials


The products covered are Cement and Other mortars, Cement , Concrete, Refractory, Refractory Cement, Sand, Clays and Soils, Pozzolanic Material, Fly-Ash, Limestone, Lime Gypsum, Waterproofing Compounds, Thermal Insulation material, Masonry Bricks and Blocks , Ceramics Products etc., and Physical and Chemical test as per Indian and International Standards.

Calcium Specific Gravity Bulk Density Silica
Loss on ignition Heavy Metals Moisture Ash/ Acid insoluble ash
Available Lime Alumina Iron Sodium
Potassium Sieve Analysis Manganese Oil Absorption
Copper Sulphate Phosphate Chloride
Iron Calcium Sulphate Tin Lead
Nickel Acid insoluble matter Metallic iron Water soluble matter