Welcome to Bombay Test House Pvt Ltd., Food and Drug Administration ( FDA-MH), Govt. of Maharashtra Approved GLP Certified Cosmetics ( COS -23) Testing Laboratory!

We at Bombay Test House Pvt Ltd Cosmetics Testing Laboratory is having facility that tests and analyses the safety and effectiveness of cosmetic products as per Indian (IS) and International Standards. This includes testing for skin irritation, eye irritation, and phototoxicity, as well as determining the product's shelf life and stability.

We also conduct Microbiological testing to ensure the product is free of harmful bacteria. These tests are conducted to ensure that cosmetics products are safe for consumers to use and meet regulatory requirements.

After Shave Lotion
IS 9255
Liquid Foundation
IS 14318
Bathing Bars
IS 13498
Liquid Toilet Soap
IS 4189
Baby Toilet Soap
IS 10523
Nail Polish ( Nail Enamel)
IS 9245
Bindi (Liquid)
IS 10998
Oxidation Hair Dyes
IS 15205
Cold wax Hair remover
IS 15152
Oxidation Hair dyes Liquid
IS 8481
IS 8482
Pomades and Brilliantines
IS 9339
Cosmetic Pencil
IS 9832
Powder Hair Dye
IS 10350
Cream Bleach
IS 15608
Shampoo Specification
IS 7884
Depilatories Chemicals
IS 9636
Shampoo – Soap Based
IS 7669
Face Pack
IS 15153
Shaving Creams
IS 9740
Hair Cream
IS 7679
Shaving Soap
IS 5784
Hair Oils
IS 7123
IS 14649
Hair Shampoo for Babies
IS 17117
Skin Creams
IS 6608
Henna Powder
IS 11142
Skin Powders for Infants
IS 5339
IS 15154
Tooth Paste
IS 6356
Kum Kum Powder
IS 10999
Transparent Toilet Soap
IS 11303
Lip salve
IS 10284
IS 9875
And Others………………………
  • Safety testing: to assess the potential for skin irritation, allergic reactions, and other adverse effects.
  • Effectiveness testing: to evaluate the product's performance, such as its ability to moisturize or reduce wrinkles.
  • Package and label testing: to ensure that the product is properly labelled and packaged.
  • Toxicological testing: to evaluate the potential for harmful effects on human health.